Self Service Kiosk


An intuitive, easy-to-use, and seamlessly integrated system with direct connection to the Point-of-Sale and Kitchen Display System. The Self-Service Kiosk helps reduce labor costs and minimize wait lines to improve the customer experience.


The self-service kiosk offers an intuitive experience to today’s fast-paced digital customer experience


Durable Hardware


Intuitive Experience

Reduce costs

Reduce Costs​

Increase average check size

Increase Average Check Size

Reduce Waiting time

Reduce waiting times & lines

Direct integration

Direct Integration

Direct Integration

Integrates directly with multiple Point-of-Sales and Kitchen Display Systems. Give merchants the ability to offer a hands-off self-ordering experience with the customer in mind.

Reduce Wait Times

Improve the customer experience by reducing lines and wait times. Intuitively built to help employees focus on the back of house operations and customer satisfaction.

Increase Average Check Size

Our PerfectCheck™ algorithm provides data to auto-suggest and up-sell the most popular menu combinations to customers based on historical data, or customized options.

Reduce Costs

Cut operating expenses by having customers order themselves. Our smart and simple to use software makes checkout easy for any customer.

The All-in-one food-service & restaurant management suite