Kitchen Display System


The Kitchen Display System comes with kitchen grade hardware and connects your kitchen team to the front of house systems including point of sale, kiosk, online and digital ordering. Detailed reporting of individual item prep times, cancellations and food wastage helps you make informed decisions.


Streamline kitchen communication, reduce human error, and monitor prep times for each dish

Multi-lingual support​

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Prep Station Routing​

Kitchen Heat Grade

Kitchen Heat Grade

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

Save on_printing costs

Save on Printing Costs

Kitchen Grade Hardware

The Kitchen Display System includes a heat-grade touchscreen, and is available with a 5-year warranty.

Seamless Connectivity

Seamlessly connects to our food service eco-system including, the Point-of-Sale, Self-Service Kiosk, Mobile App, Online Ordering, Delivery Apps, and more. With the ability to work in offline mode, never worry about internet issues again.


Multi-lingual support

Support for multiple languages to enable employees to use and understand the system in their native language

Prep Station Routing

Easily direct tickets to their appropriate stations, or revenue centers. Multiple kitchen displays can be synced for realtime updates across different stations in the kitchen.


Save on Printing Costs

Going digital with the KDS saves paper, printer, and ink costs. With flexible and affordable hardware options to meet any kitchens needs, the ROI accumulates immediately. If desired, the KDS includes the ability to connect with your kitchen printer(s).

Streamline kitchen communication, reduce human error, and monitor prep times for each dish.