Order and Pay


Enable customers to scan and order straight from their smart-phones. Scan a QR Code directly from the table and say goodbye to static PDF menus to offer a seamless, conversational ordering and pay-at-table experience, increasing customer satisfaction and profitability.


The entire restaurant experience in the palm of the customer’s hand, from the menu to the check.


Real-Time Menu Sync


Dynamic Payment Options


Merchant Ordering Platform

3rd Party API@4x


Seamless-Connectivity (1)

Real Menu, NO Ugly PDF’s

Real-Time Menu Sync

Your guests will have access to a fully interactive menu, not a downloaded PDF. Your menu changes and adjustments sync in real time, and your guests can order and pay right from their phones.

Customizable Features

Allow customers to checkout as guest, or sign-up for an account. Customers can access preferences, order history, allergies, payment data PLATFORM or simply pick from past favorites.


Receive orders directly from tables, on any Point-of-Sales or standalone devices. Take complete control over the ordering experience from choosing prep-time to auto order acceptance. Keep customers informed on order status with real-time SMS notifications and in-app updates on smart-phones.

Real Menu, No Ugly PDF's

Allow customers to keep orders in a shopping cart for employees to retrieve and engage in conversational ordering without making customers to go back to PDF menus.

Live Menu Updates Through POS

Your staff can update the menu right away, right from your POS. If you run out of an item or add a new special, simply update your live menu through our POS.

What is Phishing?

Dynamic Payment Options

Choose from ApplePay®, GooglePay® to credit cards, business accounts and even cash, offer every payment solutions to enable easier checkout.

Streamline kitchen communication, reduce human error, and monitor prep times for each dish.