Reporting & Analytics


Cloud-based analytics, view real-time data of sales, refunds, voids, labor costs, operating report and more available at your fingertips in one place. Get real-time insight on one or multiple locations performance anywhere, on any device.


Make decisions at the speed of business

Real Time Data

Real Time Data

Cloud report

Cloud Report

Multi device support

Multi-Device Support

Advanced insights&reporting

Practical Insights

Multi location reporting

Multi-Location Reporting

Automated nightly report

Self-Service BI reporting


Our comprehensive analytics engine helps restaurants make educated business decisions by reviewing their data in real-time. Build custom reports using multiple data-points or receive automated, pre-configured reports in multiple easy to read formats via email, text, or in-app notifcatons

Cloud Reports

Access data in real-time from the Point-of-Sale, web browser or dedicated app on any mobile device. Cloud reporting frees management time enabling them to do what they do best: run a restaurant.

Practical Insights

Our analytics engine provides robust insights on how to save money, work more efficiently, and improve the overall business and customer experience.

Multi-Location Reporting

View detailed store reports or overview multiple locations. Filter results and control access for the entire team.


Real-Time Data

Make decisions at the speed of business. Cloud-based infrastructure provides real-time data and analytics, helping enable stakeholders to make datadriven decisions from everywhere.

Multi Device Support

Access the merchant dashboard from any device, making it easier to spot trends and track data no matter where you are.

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