Workforce Management


GPS enabled automated attendance, scheduling and shift management APP with ability to manage labor and payroll data on an easy to use dashboard or directly export to some of the most popular industry standard payroll softwares.


Create employee schedules, handle employee time tracking, and receive time reports — from any device

Automates _clock-ins

Automates clock-ins

Payroll Management

Payroll Management


Geo-fenced check-ins



GPS Locations

GEO Location
of Workforce

Time Tracking Alerts

Employees clock-in and clock-out data is shown in real-time. Enable notifications for simple tasks such as when employees fail to take mandatory breaks, work overtime or fail to clock-out at the end shift

Employee Management

Access employee related information and manage data effortlessly from a single platform. Detailed employee profiles include employee data, payroll and shift data, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Automatically set employee status and time-off allowances.

GPS Tracking

Auto clock-in and clock-out employees directly from an app. Geo-fencing of clock-in location reduces time-card fraud by ensuring accuracy of employee location.


Directly export payroll data from the dashboard to Excel, CSV, or use API integrations to auto- populate payroll into industry preferred softwares to reduce errors and delays, all real-time.

Workforce Management, Payroll Management


Build, manage and approve schedules, time-off, absences and vacation requests with a clean comprehensive calendar. Designed to streamline hectic restaurants.

The All-in-one food-service & restaurant management suite